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TOP 5 Places To See In Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Vegas is THE international spot for gambling fans. Forget Macau or Monte Carlo, this is an entire city built on entertainment. But there’s more to Nevada’s favourite city than just slot machines and table games. This city has a surprising amount to offer the tourist with an eye for the exotic and a willingness to seek out the best on offer. We’ve got a run down of the five best places to see while you’re in Vegas. Pick up a bit of downtime between gaming sessions and head out to track down these beauties. We’ve got:


A feat of engineering

A site of natural beauty

An unmissable show


And more.



The Hoover Dam

This massive piece of work may not be the first thing people think of when they visit Vegas. Most people, for that matter, aren’t even aware that the dam is in the area, even if they know the name. But this masterpiece of the 1930s helped define development in the area. There would have been no vegas without a technological feat like the dam helping to render this entire desert area livable. It’s worth thinking about.


2. The Fountains of Bellagio

Anyone who’s spent a little time in Vegas, or even just seen the place on TV, will probably have an inkling what this attraction is. These beautiful synchronised fountains have become a landmark of the city, as readily identifiable as the Eiffel Tower is to France. They’re inherently beautiful just as they are. But tourists with a little time on their hands should head down for one of the daily shows. You’ll be treated to a work of art, as the fountains synchronise with music.


3. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

This national park is a site of incredible natural beauty. The stunning desert landscape is sculpted from the earth in hues of purest red, lending the area its distinctive name. Travellers passing through are advised to take the time for a drive out around sunset. The combination of beautiful scenery combined with a flawless desert sunset has wowed more visiting gamblers than online casino reviews.


4. Cirque Du Soleil

This French theatre company have gained international fame, thanks to decades of breathtakingly beautiful live shows. They have several on at Vegas throughout the year, and visitors looking for a truly stunning piece of live art are recommended to attend. Set against an aquatic theme, the cast and crew perform some amazing feats of art. Combining surrealist artistic tendencies with the grace of the ballet, and the tension of a high-wire trapeze act, this is definitely not one to miss.


5. The Mob Museum

It’s no secret that Vegas has long fostered some serious mob connections. In fact, the city has gone so far as to devote an entire museum to its long history of contact with various organised crime syndicated. Find out about the history of villiainy in Vegas, stretching back decades and still going strong today.


So there it is: the five best things to see in Vegas. You may not be able to see all of them. But come on, you want to tell your friends back home about something more than just losing your savings? Right?